Resources are the currencies used to purchase and upgrade assets. The game has six different resources; Gold, Oil, Diamond, Skill Points, Medal and Celerium.

Gold, Oil and Diamond all have buildings that are used for storing and generating them.

Gold icon GoldEdit

Earn Gold by building Gold Miners or attacking other bases. Use Gold to build/upgrade structures, train units, level up units, and recover mines.

Oil icon OilEdit

Earn Oil by building Oil Pumps or attacking other bases. Use Oil to build/upgrade structures, train machine units, level up units, deploy Heroes, and engage in PvP battles.

Diamond icon DiamondEdit

Earn Diamonds by building Diamond Miners or attacking other bases. Use Diamonds to level up Heroes quickly and to train heavy machine troops.

Skillpoints icon Skill PointsEdit

Earn Skill Points by destroying opponent's buildings in PvP battles. Use Skill Points to activate Hero skills in battle and to upgrade skills.

Medal icon MedalEdit

Earn Medals by playing Survival Mode. Use Medals to promote a Hero's ranking which increases their level cap.

Celerium icon CeleriumEdit

Celerium is the premium in-game currency used to advance players' command center. When players first download the game they begin with 500 Celerium. Additional Celerium can be earned in-game by completing Achievements, clearing Obstacles, or purchased with real money. Celerium can be used in several ways:

  • Celerium also can be used to buy other Resources such as Gold, Oil or Skill Points in varying amounts.
  • They can be used to instantly finish Troops training queues in Training Compound and/or Machine Compound.
  • Celerium can be used to purchase builders.
  • Celerium can be used to speed up the progress in buildings such as the Oil pumps or the machine compound.
  • Celerium can be used to instantly finish buildings.
  • Celerium can purchase unique decorative items such as flags.